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Photos Of All 1989 Employees

There are two ways to find photos of interest. The quickest is by browsing the consolidated PDF index pages in the first table to find a name and its photo page location. The other is to download and use the Searchable Photo Index Document

Consolidated Photo Index- PDFs

A-B Index C Index D-E Index F-G Index H Index
I-J-K-L Index M Index N-O-P-Q Index R-S Index T-to-Z Index

Once you know which photo page you want to view, use the table below to access it. Most of the 112 photo pages are huge, and impossible to make cellphone friendly; plan to view them on a desktop or laptop. The images with a small r appended to the page number are the right side of pages that were too large to scan whole; these r pages will include some photos also on its parent page. Once a photo of interest has been found it's possible to zoom in on it and get a much larger quality image.

Photo Pages - JPGs

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 3a Page 4
Page 5 Page 5r Page 6 Page 6r Page 7
Page 8 Page 8A Page 8r Page 9 Page 10
Page 10A Page 10r Page 11 Page 11A Page 11r
Page 12 Page 12A Page 12r Page 13 Page 13A
Page 13r Page 14 Page 14A Page 15 Page 15A
Page 15B Page 15r Page16 Page 16A Page 16Ar
Page 16B Page 16Br Page16C Page 16D Page 16Dr
Page 16E Page 16Er Page16F Page 16G Page 16Gr
Page 16H Page 16Hr Page16I Page 16Ir Page 16J
Page 16Jr Page 16K Page16Kr Page 16L Page 16M
Page 16N Page 16O Page16Or Page 16P Page 16Pr
Page 16Q Page 16R Page16R2 Page 16Rr Page 16S
Page 16T Page 16Tr Page16U Page 17 Page 17A
Page 17Ar Page 17B Page17Br Page 17C Page 17Cr
Page 17D Page 17Dr Page17E Page 17Er Page 18
Page 19 Page 19r Page20 Page 21 Page 22
Page 22r Page 23 Page24 Page 24r Page 25
Page 25r Page 26 Page27 Page 27r Page 28
Page 28r Page 29 Page30 Page 30A Page 31
Page 31A Page 31Ar Page32 Page 32A Page 32r
Page 33 Page 33A Page33r Page 34 Page 34A
Page 34r Page 35 Cover Cover2

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