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Tom McKee, K4ZAD
104 Water Leaf Lane
Cary, NC 27518-9728
(919) 851-2542

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After graduating with a BSEE from Purdue University in 1956 I worked briefly for Farnsworth Electronics in Ft. Wayne, IN and then spent 2 years as a Lieutenant and Officer in Charge of one of the courses at the US Army Southeastern Signal School, Ft. Gordon, GA. Upon release from the Army in March of 1959 I joined GE at it's new communications operations in Lynchburg, VA. I first worked on the design of two--way radio receivers, and with time progressed into team leadership and later into the management of design engineering teams. During my 25 years with GE I got the most satisfaction from  my involvement in the design of the MASTR PRO and MASTR II product lines.

In retirement I am involved with many computer and Internet related projects including being the webmaster for: The Inland Marine Radio History Archive. I am an amateur radio operator (K4ZAD), but generally prefer listening (amateur and AM DXing) to operating. When I am on the air it's usually via a low-power HF WSPR beacon. 

Tom McKee

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