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A Few of The People Who Made it Possible

The emphasis here is on photo content showing a few of the GE employees who staffed the operation over the years.

While the collection of GE News isues is sparse they include many employee photos.

This page Employee Pictorial is a guide to photos of all 1989 employees.

A single sheet PDF of Walt Weyler's Key Managers with photos of those at Section level and higher.

The 1962 National Sales Pictorial has short bios and photos of almost all of the sales staff.

Here's a Slide Show of 56 images of our co-workers.

This Customer Service Pictorial has images of many CS employees.

The MASTR II Development Story has photos of many of those who worked on that product.

This 1988 Leading Edge includes photos of many GE Sales people as well as some of our B&I Representatives

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