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The General Electric Company was active in the mobile radio business for more than 60 years.  With the help of many GE veterans I have tried to document the history of this GE business up to the late 1980s when Ericsson came in. Equipment families, facilities and people will all be covered - the major product lines and facilities information being of more general interest and people content being more for ex-GErs or their survivors. However, with very few exceptions I will not be presenting detailed technical information (i.e. service manuals, schematics etc.) here. There are other sites for that. 

Please contact me about any information that you have on GE events: product introductions - major contracts - changes at the General manager level - telephone books - production dates - product literature and advertisements and more are appropriate for this site.  I have very little material about the Progress Line and Mastr Pro eras and on hand-held products so we need what you have.  

All those contributing to the site be credited for their contributions unless they request anonymity.

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 New York Low-Band Equipment - 32 Images  New York High-Band Equipment - 23 images
 New York-Early Stations - 32 Images
 NY-Portable & Stormproof - 16 Images
 New York-Control Gear - 10 Images  Some Early GE Customers - ?? Images
 Test Equipment - 17 images  Unidentified People - 18 Images
 MII Development 1970-72 - 30 Images

Brochures and Advertisements - PDFs

 GE-2 Way 1962 Brochure -32 Pages  MASTR Personals 1975 - 16 Pages
 PORTA_MOBIL Brochure - 8 Pages  MASTR II First Brochure - 12 Pages
 MASTR PRO Brochure - 23 Pages  MASTR Products 1978 Brochure - 12 Pages
 MASTR Personals 69 Brochure - 8 Pages  Personal & Portable 78 Brochure - 10 Pages 
 MASTR Executive Brochure - 16 Pages  Print Advertisements - 13 Pages 
 MASTR Stations Brochure - 20 Pages